Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't you just love being on hold so long???

I was checking on one of our credit card balances yesterday and noted a $34.99 automatic charge for a web site that we (used) to own. It was for a band I played in for about five years. A year and a half ago, the band broke up. My Web-master-wife, removed the content and notified the domain to place it into a "hold for future use" type status. They were to charge us $9.99 a year for this. We actually have three of these. The band site, a drum building site that I never used, and a political campaign site. So what was up with this $34.99 charge? My wife logged onto the provider, whose first letter is a Y and who's last character is a punctuation character, and found an email from a month back, notifying us that the $9.99 went up to $34.99 a year! Except she also noted that the band site, was NOT due for renewal until two more weeks, so why were they charging us already? Oh, and she fully cancelled all three web sites! She then got on the phone to get to a person at the company and attempt to reverse the charge. It took ONE HOUR before someone came on. As my wife said, "you know you are in trouble, when the music tape starts OVER!". At least the company representative was able to reverse the charge. And spoke English.

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