Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Deliveries to abandoned houses

We have an abandoned house in our little town. Maybe it isn’t exactly abandoned. We’ve lived in the town for 22 years now. I think the house was inhabited for the first few years we lived here. For at least the last 15 years, the house has been slowly falling apart. Now understand, it is a fairly large house. It also is LAKE FRONT. In Texas, this is a big deal. We have heard several stories about the place. It was built onto at some point. We heard that it wasn’t done correctly and leaked. Causing the dreaded black mold. We’ve heard it is tied up in a nasty divorce. For 15 years?! We’ve heard that the owners died. We’ve heard lots of stories.

A few years back, someone put a new roof on it. That seemed odd. Seemed like maybe someone was going to fix it up and sell it or move in. Then, they came and used plywood and boarded up all the windows! Posted some signs about the place. It makes it very apparent that NO ONE LIVES HERE.

So I know that people getting paid to deliver new phone directories are not getting paid much. I don’t guess they get paid by the hour. I figure they might be getting paid to deliver each directory. Because they delivered new phone directories to a boarded up house! Must be some corporate rule someplace that all homes get a new directory, no matter if the house is abandoned or not! Hey, maybe someone is just shy, boarded up the place and their feelings would be hurt if we don’t deliver a new phone book to them. Remember Steve Martin in The Jerk?

“The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! Now I AM SOMEBODY!!!”

Must be how this abandoned house feels with the new phone books sitting all over the porch.

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