Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giant moth

I was driving home one day last week. I drive a Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab truck. It has a LARGE interior. I had the windows cracked open a bit, as it was a wonderful spring day. I got up to about 60 MPH at one point over by the lake, where there are not any businesses or cross roads. Somewhere out there, I think MOTHRA wanted a lift.

I get about five miles past the lake, heading back into town, when I get attacked by this giant moth. It’s fluttering all around, scares the cr*p out of me at the start. But mostly, it wants to hang out on the dash, soaking up the sun. After a minute of flight, it would rest on the dash. That’s how I snapped the photo. I had to wait for me to be stopped at a light, and it to be taking its union coffee break. Notice my finger in the photo, for scale. This daddy was about three inches long, with a three inch wingspan. My finger is about 18 inches away from Mothra. About half the distance from the camera to the moth.

I went ahead and put the windows all down half way and moved on to the next light. Mothra got to fluttering around, but didn’t fly out! I had to cup my hand around it while it was fluttering on the side window and nudge it out.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

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