Sunday, April 13, 2008

Halloween Hair in March

It is just amazing the things you will see in a Wal*Mart. We were grocery shopping at our local Wal*Mart neighborhood market. It’s a nice store and we can get about everything we need. We usually don’t see too many out-of-the-ordinary people. But occasionally, there is a walking human mess in there. This happened a few weeks back. In late March. At first, I was thinking it was a get up for an April Fools party. Until I got a closer look at this ladies hair. I’ve been sitting here for an hour counting up the colors this mess was. She needed a scarf to cover up the disaster zone. I’m pretty sure her natural color was a dark brown. Her eyebrows were dark brown. However, she did have a lily white complexion. The first two inches of her hair, from the scalp, was also brown. After that, there had been an attempt to be blond. Blonds have more fun, so they say. This was a failed attempt. This was some shade of blond that went looking for a platinum look and came out looking like a badly done chrome bumper, which had started turning blue. It looks like there might have been an attempt to cover the blond up. There were large areas of tanish brown hair, mostly on the outer ends of the hair. I’m not sure how the brown could have got there. Maybe it wouldn’t stick to the chrome-blond dye.

Sometime in the last few weeks, she must have decided that her multicolored hair didn’t attract enough men, or attention to her. So she had added some streaks. These streaks just screamed out at you. On each side of her face, she had put in four streaks. Each was about half an inch wide. Blue. Day-glo Blue. And Orange. Yes, Day-glo Orange. This had also been growing out some, as up at the roots, was the same original brown trying to grow out.

There had also been some attempts at curling it or straightening it or something. The split ends were at least an inch up from the ends.

Definitely home grown disaster hair.

Thank goodness she was on the opposite side of the store from where they keep the hair dyes, as who knows what disaster she would try next.

Maybe just give up and do a Brittney Spears on it.

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