Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Leaf mess, give it to the city

I like to walk. It does a few things. Clears my head, gets me out of the house, is good exercise, helps my bad back. Our little village put in a nice walking path. They are expanding it also. Currently, I walk about five miles on it, almost everyday. Actually, I walk NEXT to it. They paved it with hard concrete. It wears out my shoes and isn’t too good on ankles and joints. So I truck along next to it.

It always amazes me, the trash people leave. The pathway goes past some baseball diamonds, a bridge, and two areas of soccer fields. It’s very common to find water or sports water bottles, left behind. I figure a lot of that is kids. Or, parents not teaching their kids to police up the area! When my kids were in sports, after we’d pack up and start to the parking lot, I always looked back to see if we’d left anything.

Other people out for exercise also seem to discard stuff. It’s worse on the weekends. Some Monday’s I’ll pick up two or three discarded bottles. And the city even has picnic tables and trashcans at all the roadway intersections! You only need to carry your empty for less than half a mile. You are out for the exercise, use one more calorie up and haul your trash to the trashcan. I guess they all think their moms will follow along behind them and pick up their trash.

Last Sunday was a nice day here and I went for an afternoon walk. I usually walk at 8 PM until about 9:20. So last Sunday afternoon, I truck out 2.5 miles, turn around and head back. I’m sort of surprised that there are not more discards along the way, but that’s good. I don’t have to pick up someone else’s trash. I pass the first set of soccer fields. I cross the road, past the schools. I head towards the second set of soccer fields. I don’t believe what I’m seeing! Now there are houses all along the pathway. But the pathway is really built on a utility right of way. Those huge 4 gillion watt transmission towers. The path meanders all along that right of way. Before the path was built, there wasn’t much along the way. The soccer fields have been there a while. What I see, is in this photo.

This homeowner has decided to rake up his leaves. He was putting them into a trash can, and then DUMPING them off his property, onto the trail way! Hey, on Mondays, the city provides leaf and yard waste pick up! He’s paying for it. He’s going to the trouble of raking it up and putting it into a trash can. All he had to do, was stop off at the grocery store and for a few bucks, you can buy the leaf bags, put the waste in them, put them on the curb and BANG, picked up.

I notified the city. The next day, our tax dollars had gone and picked up his mess. Again. I wonder if his daddy would have approved of his chore of raking up those leaves. Spoiled idiot.

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