Monday, April 14, 2008

GPS units to drive to work

I drive the same route to work everyday. I drive another route home. I’ve been noticing the number of Global Positioning System units sprouting up on people’s windshields. I think these have replaced the cellular telephone antennas of the 1990’s. Remember when those were such the status symbol? Some bright enterprising person even started selling fake antennas you could stick on your car so people THOUGHT you were a big shot with a cell phone. That really screwed up the thieves. They were breaking into cars trying to steal those body builder bag-phones, but were faked out by the fake antennas.

I wonder if any thieves ever filed a complaint about being faked out.

So now the big deal is to hang a portable GPS unit from your cars windshield. So what are these things used for? They are supposed to help you navigate your way to a destination. Handy thing to have. No more looking up directions, or looking at a map, or calling the place to find out how to get there. Just punch some buttons with your current address, punch in your target address. Wait a moment and the GPS unit then starts up a display of the road path to take. Plus, they start talking to you about when to turn. Most annoying. My friend has one and we used it to go from where we live, to Fort Worth. Except for about 15 miles, we are “straight on the freeway”. Every few minutes, the GPS would come on, interrupt us talking, and tell us “Continue….straight….on Highway 121…”. Shut the **** up! No mute button!!!

So I’ve been watching people’s windshields on the way to work, since it is pretty much bumper to bumper for about five miles. I’ve started to note some distinguishing factor about the cars with the GPS units. There are about three cars that I’ve now identified as taking the same route, at the same time of day, to go to work. I assume they are going to work. I’m not sure. Since they can’t drive the same road, day after day after day, without getting lost on it! They have their GPS unit stuck up in the middle of their windshield, listening and watching it tell them THE SAME ROUTE every stinking day. Gee, look at me!!! I’ve a freaking moron!!

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