Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doga? Cata???

It must be a really slow news day. This made ABC Evening news, our local news cast....

Dog Yoga. I want to see Cat Yoga next. Or maye Yoda Yoga??

Why do Americans so love to project Human traits to their pets? Guess what people, there are thousands of dogs and cats, right now, in nursing homes. They are there to provide comfort and entertainment. The people love to pet them, and the animals love them back. Just like Doga Yoga. You are interacting with your dog. Dogs love that. They get attention and petted and then, can you guess? They FALL ASLEEP! Sorry, they "become one with themselves".

Here's our cat after some clothes-basket Cata Yoga. All 20 plus pounds of him.

I want Pit Bull Yoga.

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