Thursday, April 24, 2008

"IM A 1" - say what???

I was driving home one day last week and saw this nice Mercedes. With a bunch of writing on the back window. The back window is touting some plan to “Get Residual Income” and had a phone number.

What I noted was the license plate. “I AM 1”.

What is this supposed to mean? Well, if it was some stuck-on-herself woman, then she must be blond. Sweetie, the men’s score card for woman, starts at 1 and goes to 10. Ever see the move “10”? Bo Derek was the object of male infatuation and was presented as a “10”, as in “the best”. So sweetie driving the Mercedes, are you some ugly chick? I couldn’t tell from through the blacked out windows, plus, we were doing about 60 MPH.

Or are you declaring “I AM 1”, as in some space alien?

Or are you declaring “I AM 1”, as in “one with the cosmos?

I wish I knew what you were declaring you were one of….

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