Friday, April 18, 2008

I have seen the Stepford Wives

I remember watching the original Stepford Wives movie.
I remember it as being cheesy. Not scary at all. I remember it should have been subtitled Zombie Housewives. Looking over who all was in it, I think most of them are way over the hill now. I never saw the 2004 remake, but with Christopher Walken, it might be fun to watch.

Now down here in western Texas, we seem to have some real life Stepford Wives. My wife reported this to me. She saw them on Good Morning America. Click on the video link to the interview with the “mothers”. It is a real shame that they won’t answer any questions. Such as “Does your husband have more than you as a wife?”.

They giggle and say “That is pri vate” (Spaces added as that is how they speak. LONG pauses.


Question: “Have children under seventeen been given to have sex with older men?”

Answer: “We…. Don’t know” (giggle).

Other choice phrases “It’s not a com pound”. But then one of them uses that EXACT term later on.

Other phrases “We don t know what is going on” This statement even though they have been in protective care for several days, have been interviewed by police, have access to each other.

Another scary quote:
“I feel like the most free per son in the world!”. Free of what? Free of some husband next to you every night? Free that your children are not your’s? Free that your daughter will share her husband with other wives?
Big time brain washing was going on in that cult. Disregard for societies laws. I wonder why they didn’t just proceed on south of the Rio Grande? No one in Mexico would probably care about some gringo’s with lots of wives and children.

And that blank look on their faces…….

All they needed was some swanky outfits and it could have been a Hollywood movie. Instead, it plays like a bad Amish movie. 1890's Barbie Dolls.

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