Saturday, April 19, 2008

Multi-tasking in the Men’s room

I’d wished I had seen this guy enter the men’s room at work. I went in after he was already “at his meeting”. I entered and he was standing at a urinal. He had his right hand up on the wall, holding himself at an angle. He already had his one-eyed pants lizard out and was relieving his bladder, I think. With his other hand, he was yammering away in some foreign language on his cell phone! I guess he either doesn’t read English, or chose to ignore the “TURN YOU CELL PHONE OFF IN THE RESTROOM” signs.

So, I take the urinal the farthest away from this guy. He must finish up, as he straightens himself up and proceeds to use his right hand to put things away and zip back up. Still yammering away. He heads to the sink. Now in a prior blog,
I mention the “magic left hand” that usually goes into the pocket, never to be washed. I guess that with your left hand holding your cell phone, you can’t pocket it. So he goes about waving at the sink to get a water flow going. He didn’t use soap. He lets the water dribble on his hand, does the face-splash bit and proceeds to get a towel. All the while, he’s yammering away on the cell phone. Toilets are flushing, people are doing “business”.

I wonder what the person on the other end of that phone, thought about all the back ground noise.

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