Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Grown or Store Bought

Has everyone heard of this? I ran a Google search on it and found all sorts of web sites. Most had to do with if home grown or store bought tomatoes were better. Or potatoes. A lot of sites proclaim the advantages of home grown blueberries. I even found one discussing growing your own pineapples. Close, but not quite what I was meaning. There are also a lot of pages devoted to Halloween costumes. The advantages and trouble of making your own compared to just walking down to the store and buying one for Billy and Suzie.

I’m not talking about any of that. I’m talking about a game I first heard of at church. Yes, at church. The person I heard this from, rides motorcycles. He’s a biker. Or was. I’ve not been in contact with him for about five years. The game he described could be played most any place, but he usually played it while sitting in a bar with his biker buddies. It’s a simple game, but could become complicated, depending on how many beers were consumed. The game is to discuss ladies breast. When a lady would enter the bar, they would take guesses as to if her breast were “home grown” or augmented, “store bought”. You could just keep it simple and discuss this over a drink. Or, you could place some drinking bets on it. Maybe have the most sober person, actually go up to the lady and ask her. But then you’d probably get pounded by her biker husband/boyfriend! You can also get into heated discussion over celebrities and if they were still home grown or had gone to store bought.

So, play along.

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Johnny Virgil said...

Holy crap. I dated that Linda Ronstadt poster in grade school.